Kibera – located in Nairobi, is Kenya’s vast slum capital. A place so jam-packed and impoverished, people live with less than a dollar a day and in the streets, everybody is always smiling despite their harsh circumstances; obviously that’s unexpected. Typical touristy vibe. #KiberaStories Photo ©Bryan Jaybee @storitellah

Sweet scenic and sloppy
but of futures fogged filled
with perennial political promises
creating cocktail characters
girls giving, great
boys bullish brave buoyant
women, warm, weary, wishful
men: mosaic melodious meditative melancholic
this is our jeweled hell
wrapped in riches. -Words by Jacob Seje (@yaqubseje) -Photo ©Bryan Jaybee @storitellah

Models showcasing collections by Kibera bred designer, David Ochieng of Lookslike Avido during the fashion show night of the East Africa Fashion Week held annually in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi on July 8th, 2017. Started in 2014, East Africa Fashion Week has witnessed massive growth in bringing designers, buyers, consumers, models and fashion enthusiasts in collective to view the latest collections of African contemporary fashion. #KiberaStories
Photo ©Bryan Jaybee @storitellah