Regrann from @everydayafrica – For #followfriday we’re featuring the work of Bryan Jaybee @kiberastories @storitellah one of the participants in the @worldpressphoto Masterclass East Africa held in Nairobi. Check out to see more of this important work!
Story: Teenage Moms of Kibera
In Kibera, the largest slum of Africa located in Nairobi, Kenya, 25 percent of girls aged 15-19 years have already given birth with pregnancies due to lack of education, lack of empowerment and premarital sexual relations. The consequences of these early pregnancies has led to approximately 30 percent of girls dropping out of school in Kibera. They are rejected by the community and driven away from home by their families. Despite several efforts made by non-governmental organizations in bringing support to the most serious cases of these teen mothers, the majority of them have no help and are on their own. As someone who was born and raised in Kibera by a young mother, I have witnessed so much struggle in such an environment and understand the feeling and importance of a mom in a family. My motivation to tell the stories of the teen mothers is to call for more attention on the real life and situations of this marginal group and extend the discussion further to several other vital social issues such as empowerment and education.
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