Regrann from @worldpressphoto – Participants of the Masterclass East Africa, six women and five men coming from eight different African countries, will be sharing one picture of their Masterclass project.

This is Brian Otieno @storitellah from Kenya. ‘My story is about teen mooms from Kibera, Nairobi. Early child marriage and adolescent pregnancies in the developing world has become an arising issue, an important factor that has influenced other concerns such as education, health care, etc. The vast majority of teen moms are mostly invisible among the approximated 1 million inhabitants inside one of Africa’s largest slum settlements. For those girls, being pregnant is a big worry which carries life-changing consequences.’ Caption: 20-year-old Ndosa poses with her second born baby, 14-months-old baby Kimberly. She’s one of the many girls in Kibera who gave birth in their teens and had to drop out of school.

For more stories from Kibera, follow Brian’s great Instagram account @kiberastories.
#newtalent #KiberaStories #africanphotojournalists


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