School is to help you decide on your fate. It gives you the chance to try many things in life, and to discover a love for them, to discover what you’re good at, and what you’re not. It gives you a chance to make mistakes, and to build a character and resilience – those who get good grades possess the character to succeed in life, not just in school, but in all aspects. To get an A+, you either have to be disciplined or be able to work hard into the nights, fighting the sleep, and the temptations, like Facebook and Instagram. But, you know, I guess humans just like the easy way out. Keep playing the victim, and blame the system. Just because you don’t think it’s relevant to YOUR life, it’s insignificant for EVERYONE!

Photo note: Pupils from Joysprings Educational Centre in Kibera stand on their assembly grounds on a Friday morning, for prayers, spiritual advice and insights from their teachers and mentors. #KiberaStories
Photo and words by Bryan Jaybee @storitellah.


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