Kibera Stories 2015 Calender

Stories from Kibera was started in March 2013 as part of a journalistic passion of storytelling to express anecdotes of the slum in pictorial illustrations, giving voice to Africa’s largest slum. Kibera is the largest slum in Africa and one among the biggest informal settlement of the 21st century planet. From far Kibera looks like a totally overgrown jungle, made of corrugated rusty iron sheets and mud houses. There are more than 750,000 people living in Kibera, majority being the youths. Many of them being jobless and doing all sorts of menial jobs for survival. They are all struggling for things which are self-evidently basic in any prosperous world like food, water, medicine,
accommodation and education.
Unfortunately, these kind of living has led to a lot of negativity in Kibera and unscrupulous effects such as robbery, alcoholism and despondency would thrive. Notwithstanding this facts, there is also an outsized number of glitches that Kibera is facing. Tribulations such as unhygienic environment, defecations from human excretions and airborne contagion colossally disturb the peace of Kibera natives exclusively the youngsters. All these would happen in a country which has splendid investment in tourism and international trade fairs.

Download calender for free. Print using 11.693*8.268″ format.

KiberaStories 2015 calender


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