Wait until you see a twenty one year old girl with a seven year old child, this makes you wonder, what has age really turned into.
Teenage pregnancy is the norm of the day. Parents are overwhelmed with the duties of looking after the girl child because the society around don’t really care.


Even the best can be
misled, Kibera is home to
about five hundred thousand people. It’s a small space to hold such a large number of residents but much of the population has grown due to this early pregnancies and the many people flocking Kibera for other opportunities. Illiteracy level is on the rise in Kibera  because of the many school dropouts. Women leading the statistics since they are the most affected especially in their teenage years. It’s a sad thing to see our girls living their lives like this, and it’s what makes the vicious cycle of poverty to thrive. Giving birth to children at a tender age when your not able to financially and even emotionally support them has become a norm and for residents, it’s not even news.



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