KiberaAID |The mother we share


Foundation for helping kids in Kibera slum.


We share the mother of LOVE by demonstrating affection and care towards our very own little ones.

The mother of Cohesion leads us to bond as we embrace equality and togetherness.

We try our very best to impact general knowledge by offering hygiene, religious and reality life lessons to the children we deeply care for.

Our lovely children also get the opportunity to express their inner self, by sharing their tender knowledge to others and telling sweet funny stories to the rest.

We share the mother of ‘funology’ which basically is involving the children on fun based activities
such as singing various songs, playing outdoor/indoor games, making jokes and dancing.

Every time we meet, a pencil and a paper must be part of the story of the day. We draw anything worth inspiring in relation to the reality we know. We
respect the mother of artistry.

The mother of distinction enables us to discover unique personalities and characteristics among some of the children we serve. We then nature the potential that is surfacing by making possible efforts that embrace their likes and interests.


At the end of everything, we share snacks/meal together at least to regain energy lost through the series of activities we’ve done.
We obey the mother of provision because food is one of the basic needs that a child requires.

God for sustaining us so that we are able to see hope and the continuity of the work we do.
Nature for giving us the opportunity to bond with the  wonderful children that we have.
The well-wishers who opt to help and those who are already involved in this wonderful initiative.
The different people who inspire our team and offer  motivation, hope and encouragement because this means a lot to us.



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