I remember growing up with my boys in the hood. It was great because we would explore many things and that’s what makes a boy child. I remember all initiatives were started in favour of the girl child and we the boys would sort ourselves. Actually we didn’t know what was happening then but now I can feel the pain of the young boy child generation especially the ones living in the slum shacks where almost everyone is vulnerable. I never saw an initiative or project that would solemnly stand in favour of the boy child yet we all are humans. But am not against the girl child initiatives, they have saved a lot from the wretch in the slums. Then again I grew up with many boys who lacked proper education and they would sort to drug abuse to relieve the stress off themselves. In extreme cases some sorted for robbery and burglary, the outcome resulted to death. And, that left me wondering, what if there was to be a boy-child initiative that would nurture these boys to some of the great men I admire today.



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