Boys bring their dogs to be vaccinated at a free rabies vaccination campaign in Kibera. Photo by © Brian Otieno @storitellah #KiberaStories

Shadi and Rhino the dog, the moonrise above, a portrait of Ron Wendy, Said Abdi also known as Mad Max during a music video shoot, the morning commuter train passing by, the fire that razed down an entire Toi Market, Baqteria – the Mr Kibera, Marcus built up and contestants on the runway – during the 2019 Mr and Miss Kibera leadership contest. These stories were the most popular on @kiberastories Instagram according to the app #bestnine in 2019. Photos by © Brian Otieno @storitellah #KiberaStories

Contestants walk on the runway for the Mr and Miss Kibera leadership contest on December 7th 2019. The annual pageant hosted by the organisation Amani Kibera promotes local talent in fashion while also nurturing the youths to be responsible leaders in the community. Photo by © Brian Otieno @storitellah #KiberaStories

Dennis Andere also known as Baqteria is a popular motorcyclist and also the current Mr Kibera, a title he won during the 2018 Mr & Miss Kibera fashion and beauty pageant. The annual pageant promotes talents and aims to nurture the youths to be responsible leaders in the society. Photo by © Brian Otieno @storitellah #KiberaStories